How Easy is to Cook?

Coco’s is cooked in a pot and takes about 25 minutes. You will need one 12 oz. package of Coco’s Dog food, one pound of any meat and 5 cups of water. You will have about a weeks worth of healthy dog food. It is that simple.

Can you be creative with it? Yes! Some dog owners mix up the meats they use each week (Ground beef, chicken ground turkey or any you choose) and others like their dogs to have a consistent diet and use the same every time. Some folks like to add more sweet potatoes, peas, and pumpkin. You can use Cocos Homemade Dog Food as a base and add any item to the recipe that your dog likes.

Don’t worry, by itself Coco’s Homemade Dog Food has all your dog needs for a healthy diet without any additions other than the meat you add.

How to Prepare Cocos Canine Cuisine

Put 5 cups of water into a pot. Add one 12oz package of Coco’s Canine Cuisine Add one pound of meat (you can use hamburger, chicken, turkey, lamb or any protein you choose) Bring to a boil, Cover and set to low. Simmer for 25 minutes- covered.

Let it cool.