Coco's Canine Cuisine

Coco's Canine Cuisine (R) 6 Bags (12 Packets)

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What is Coco’s?

Coco’s Homemade Dog Food is an inexpensive, quick way to make food for your dog at home. We created Coco’s in 1998 based on a family recipe we fed our dogs throughout our childhood. We wanted to create a way busy dog owners can quickly make about a weeks worth of healthy human grade food for the dogs they love.  Each Bag weights 24 ounces and contains 2 Packets. 

Coco's Canine Cuisine (R)  

Best known for its flavor and aroma, its key features include: 

  • Fostering glowing healthy hair.  Dogs Love It!

  • Human grade ingredients

  • Veterinarian recommended


Homemade Meals Preparation

It takes less than a half hour to prepare enough food for a week.  Just place one o two packets of the dry ingredients of Coco's Canine Cuisine(R) in boiling water and add meat (or protein of your choice).  The recipe can also be prepared and frozen for future use.

Coco's Canine Cuisine (R) is veterinarian recommended natural alternative containing healthy human grade ingredients, which becomes a well-rounded meal with the addition of fresh meats.  

I pawmise that my Coco's Canine Cuisine (R) is made with true affection for dogs everywhere.

I pawmise that the ingredients of my favorite recipe is made from natural wholesome grains, vegetables and seasonings mixed with what all dogs love...real meat!

I pawmise that these contents do not contain chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, by-products or added salt or sugar. 

I pawmise your mom and dad will feel better, knowing that the food they have provided you is made from fresh ingredients and their love for you.

I pawmise that if you are not satisfied with my favorite recipe you will receive a full refund. 

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